For more than a decade I have been living in the Ventura area. When I first arrived, I was fascinated by the differences between where I used to live (London UK) and my home.

I wanted to share my experiences with my friends and family, so started this site to do exactly that.

In the early days, I wrote about everything…I mean everything. Where I ate, what I ate, getting my hair cut, you name it I wrote about it. Everything was new and refreshing. I wrote with enthusiasm. Without realising it I had created hundreds of pages of content and inadvertently created a directory of all of my favourite places in the area.

In time, friends, colleagues and acquaintances heard about my site. Many of them used it to research the area. Which is when my site entered phase 2 of its evolution and became a more commercial venture. Local firms were approaching me to do reviews, post their adverts and much more.

It was a busy time for me, even fun. But, eventually it all became too much and I decided to change direction, again.

Today, I give you…. VenturaLifeandStyle version 3….

a more general lifestyle blog, almost a magazine, but not quite.

I hope you enjoy and even more important that you decide to take part. I accept informative, high-quality guest posts on virtually any lifestyle related topic.

So…enjoy, participate and let me know what you think.