I am getting on a bit now, so beauty is not exactly my thing anymore. Over the years, I have learned to be a bit more comfortable in my own skin, and tend not to wear a lot of makeup anymore.

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I was a beauty fiend

However, that is a fairly recent development. Not that long ago, if you had opened my bathroom cabinets, you would have been buried under an avalanche of beauty products. I had a dresser drawer full of makeup as well as a box in the bathroom and a makeup bag I took everywhere.

Just a bit of lippy

Well, that has all gone now. These days, I stick to mascarra, a cover up stick and lippy. For a special occassion I will go the whole hog, but usually that only means wearing foundation and eyeshadow. Nothing more.

However, I am still interested in makeup and beauty. A lot of my friends and family still ask for my advice, so I am actually quite current.

Young skin and hair

Plus, I still like to take care of my skin and hair. I have quite a lot of conditioning products. And, of course, I still de-fluff, so my beauty products bill is not exactly non-existent.

So, I still write a lot about beauty.

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