Classic American Restaurants in Ventura

Classic American Restaurants in Ventura

Traditional American Restaurants in Ventura

If you fancy ribs, burgers or one of the many other American classics, these are the restaurants to head for. Many of them have been in business for decades. They give everyone a warm welcome and serve well-cooked food and usually offer generous portions.


Duke’s Griddle ‘N’ Grill

1124 S. Seaward Ave., at the beach
Ventura, 805.653.0707

Hill Street Café
1050 S. Hill, east end
Ventura, 805.654.1115

Hornblower’s Restaurant
& Comedy Club
1559 Spinnaker Dr., harbor
Ventura, 805.650.4365

It’s in the Sauce BBQ
2050 E. Main St., midtown
Ventura, 805.652.1215

Just BBQ
2950 Johnson Dr.
Ventura, 805.654.1221

Oak Pit BBQ
820 N. Ventura Ave.
Oakview, 805.649.9903

The Spot
389 Linden Ave.,
Carpinteria, 805.684.6311

Wood Ranch BBQ
1101 E. Daily Dr.
Camarillo, 805.482.1202

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