What to do in Ventura

The city of Ventura has a huge amount to offer its residents and visitors..

It is a place with a long history, which is home to all kinds of artists, sports teams and musicians.

There are also numerous museums and art galleries here, that have been set up to educate and excite.

Whether you want to know where to go on a Sunday morning for a run, or which concerts are available yuou can find out by looking at the leisure section of VenturaLifeandStyle.

Here is just a taste of what is available…

Botanical Park VenturaVentura Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens were completed in 2012. They cover 107 acres of the foothills above the city. From the top of these hills you can enjoy a wonderful 360 degree view of the ocean, and the surrounding mountains.

Museums and art galleries in Ventura

There are over 40 museums and art galleries located in and around the city of Ventura. We have put together a list of some of the best, you can find them here.

Serra Cross Park Ventura

The cross was set up in the park by Father Junipero Serra  in 1782 just above a misson church. Because the original cross was made from wood, it rotted away. Today, a new one stands in it’s place and it is the focal point of what is now a stunning park that is open to the public. The 107 acres were donated to the city by its owners Tonie and Kenneth Grant.

Enjoy Live Music in Ventura

Ventura has a vibrant and thriving music scene. You can find out more about it here.

Paved Bike Path Between Ventura and Ojai

The nearby city of Ojai, which is known locally as Shangri-La can easily be reached by bike. There is a stunning paved cycle path that takes you between the two locations. It winds its way through some bautiful countryside including an extensive forest.

Enjoy the beach park in Ventura

Very few cities have their own beach, but Ventura does. It is a state park, so is pristine. The Silver Strand Beach is the ideal place to enjoy watersports like kayaking and wind surfing.